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Are you considering taking a trip to Australia’s Gold Coast?

Located in Queensland, Australia, the Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. And, due to the natural beauty of the area, it’s become one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Time and time again, the Gold Coast is praised for its stunning beaches, rainforests and natural landscapes. But, as the sixth largest metropolis in Australia, it’s also home to some of the best restaurants, markets and diverse cultural locales in the world.

If you’re planning a trip to the Gold Coast, you’re going to want to gain some insight into Gold Coast tourism. We’re uncovering six of the best reasons to visit Australia’s famous Gold Coast today.

1. World Renowned Beaches

If you’re really looking to live out the Australian dream, it’s time to book your beach vacation!

Fortunately, the Gold Coast is home to 35 miles of solid coastline. Here, beach-goers can choose from over 20 different beaches each offering a slightly different appeal.

Whether you’re looking to surf, kick back and relax, have a BBQ with friends or simply enjoy the pristine beaches, the Gold Coast has got you covered. To name a few, try Surfer’s Paradise or Mermaid Beach. These two beaches are some of the most well known and celebrated beaches in all of Australia.

After a long day at the beach, visitors can also enjoy the wide variety of shops, beach-front cafes, and bars that line the coast.

2. A Surfer’s Paradise

Of course, Australia is known to be a haven for world-class surfing.

With its numerous beaches, stunning climate and point breaks, it’s easy to see why surfers from around the world flock to the area.

The area also has some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. This means that for those that eat, sleep and breathe surfing, you can rest assured that each day is going to bring you incredible waves. In terms of safety, the Gold Coast has year-round lifeguards that patrol the beaches.

For some of the best surf beaches, try Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, and Currumbin. The area is also home to a number of surf schools that offer lessons as well as surfing rentals to beginners.

3. A Photographer’s Dream

If you’re the type of traveler that refuses to stray far from their camera, this one is for you.

With its natural landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and national parks, you can count of snapping some of the best shots of your life. Whether you’re operating on your smartphone or you have your best camera lens in tow, you’re going to capture some stunning moments.

The Gold Coast is also home to the “Instameet” which encourages digital photographers to come together, share photos and meet other budding photographers.

4. A Shopping Haven

For those that are looking to get their shop on, you’re going to want to allocate some serious shopping time to the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast features some of the best local markets and high-end shopping in all of Australia. This is especially the case for those that happen to favor vintage shopping and tend toward a more bohemian style.

As you stroll along the Surfer’s Paradise Beach, you can browse the handmade items, vintage clothing, and art that lines the boardwalk. For high-end luxury shopping, look no further than the Pacific Fair’s department store.

Whether you’re looking for bohemian style or high-end retailers, you’ll find it all here.

5. Stunning National Parks and Wildlife

If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, it doesn’t take stepping far outside of the city to experience the thrills of the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to visit UNESCO World Heritage sights, nature reserves or subtropical rainforests, all is possible within the Gold Coast.

In fact, the Gold Coast is home to over 100,000 hectares of nature reserves and World Heritage sites. This makes it the perfect destination for hiking, interacting with wildlife and landscape photography.

Visitors can also flock to a number of wildlife sanctuaries. Here, you can come face-to-face with some of Australia’s most famous wildlife -koala bears, kangaroos, lorikeets, and crocodiles!

For a more unique wildlife experience, consider visiting the wildlife hospital. Here, visitors can watch the conservation team operate on sick animals. The team will explain in detail what they are doing and provide a glimpse into the world of wildlife medicine.

6. World Class Restaurants

Attention all foodies!

If you eat, sleep and breathe the foodie culture, you’re going to want to ensure that you scope out the restaurant scene in the Gold Coast.

In the last few years, the restaurant scene in the Gold Coast has exploded and is home to a number of world-renowned restaurants. From Michelin-starred restaurants to beach-side eateries, visitors can look forward to a wide array of worldwide cuisines.

The Gold Coast is also home to some fantastic local breweries, food trucks, and a vibrant street food culture. Whether you’re looking to pinch pennies or opting to splurge a little, rest assured there’s something for every type of foodie.

Or, at the end of a long day, take the beach as the Aussies do and treat yourself to a cold one and a barbie!

The Best of Gold Coast Tourism

If you’ve been dreaming of traveling to the Gold Coast, it may finally be time to put your plans into action. Why not become one of the 13 million visitors that flock to the Gold Coast each and every year?

For residents and tourists alike, the Gold Coast offers an incredible mixture of breathtaking scenery and exciting culture. From picturesque national parks and beaches to Australia’s famous restaurant scene, there’s something for everyone when it comes to the Gold Coast.

After all, there’s a reason that the Gold Coast tourism is knocking it out of the park each year with millions of visitors.

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