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Did you know that nearly one million people embark on the famous times square each year to experience the famous drop?

Though originally a tradition that arose due to firework mishaps in previous years, since 1906 it is now an international sensation that is synonymous with the beginning of a new year. 

The New Years Eve Ball Drop symbolizes the passage of time, and it provides a sense of unity as a nation, and the shared experience of watching it is exhilarating.

But, there is truly nothing like seeing it all happen in person and to experience the NYC festivities along with it, in the beating heart of the holiday.

If you are planning to fulfill this once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item one day, read on to learn some key tips for making the most of the new year in New York City.

Tips for Spending the New Year in New York City

While seeing the ball drop is the main event, there are many other activities to consider, as well as other general tips.

Here are ten things to do and to prepare for while getting ready for your NYE in the city that made it famous.

1. See a New Years Eve Show

One of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve is to see any of the many concerts and shows playing on this holiday.

This year you should expect to hear Andy Grammar, Mariah Carrey, and Nick Jonas perform in times square.

Often times you should be able to balance your schedule between seeing the ball drop, concerts, and other points of interest as well.

2. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Another option to spend the last day of the year is to take the famous walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge, which starts at 10:30 PM. 

This 90-minute tour will take you to the World Trade Center Grounds, City Hall Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge, and it gives you the perfect view of the fireworks at midnight. 

3. Dine in Style 

In New York City, there are potentially thousands of restaurants to choose from for all of your NYE dining needs.

Moreover, there are plenty of upscale places to get your night off to the perfect start with steak, Thai, or any number of fusion food choices.

4. Try a Rooftop Club

A rooftop club is ideal to party until its time to watch the ball drop, or even afterward because you can enjoy the panoramic views of the skyline while celebrating with drinks, cheers, and new beginnings.

5. Dress for Success

In preparing for your night out, it is a good idea to pick out two separate pairs of shoes in order to stay comfortable while walking to your destination.

A good pair of walking shoes is an absolute necessity in New York, where walking is usually the fastest option. 

But, you don’t have to give up your party shoes! Just bring them along with you and slip them on once you arrive at the party.

Moreover, don’t forget to dress in layers and to bring an extra coat, especially if you plan to be out for most of the night.

6. See the Sights of NYC

While you’re in New York for New Years, consider seeing other sites while your there, depending on how long your stay is.

Some other sights to see include the Rockefeller Building, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the many museums of this city. 

7. Do a New Years Eve River Cruise

Perhaps one of the most unique ways to spend New Years in New York is with a river cruise.

On a cruise, you can set sail and see the beautiful skyline with your loved ones, while enjoying the party all the way. 

Moreover, you get a chance to see the city from an entirely new perspective on the most exciting night of the year. 

8. Run Your Way into the New Year

For the fitness lover, one of the best ways to spend the last day of the year is with a run.

The four-mile New Years Eve Run sets off at midnight, but the party starts at 10 PM with dancing, music, and fun.

As well, there is also a New Years Eve Ride for those that prefer to bike their way into the year.

This one starts a little earlier at 9:30 PM, and is completely free of charge for those looking for something fun and free on NYE.

9. Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square

Above all else, you have to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. This year, the ball is a geodesic sphere, which is 12 feet in diameter, and weighs a whopping 11,875 pounds.

The ball is made of a total of 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles that illuminated by nearly 33,000 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs.

The colors of these thousands and thousands of lights include white, blue, green, and red. 

There is also symbolism built into the ball, with five different distinct designs to represent different gifts. 

No matter what you do on New Year’s Eve, make a point to see the ball drop in all of its magnificence. 

Visit the Famous New York City on New Year’s

The history, beauty, and pure magic of New York City on the last day of the year are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It is the perfect place to celebrate with loved ones, to toast to the new year, and to see the unique skyline. 

To learn more tips for preparing for your New Year in New York, check out our post on how to travel with your family without pulling your hair out.

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