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An estimated 1.4 million people honeymoon from the United States alone every year… will you be one of them this year?

And people are looking for more when it comes to their honeymoon experience. No one wants to settle when it comes to this trip of a lifetime.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top ten unique honeymoon destinations you should consider this year.

If you’re looking for something truly special, this list is for you. From the adventurer to the sun bather, we’ve got you covered.

1. Bora Bora

White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and remote locations… what more could a newlywed couple want for their luxury honeymoon?

And if you dive, this is an oasis. The waters around Bora Bora are rich in life with great visibility making it a diver’s heaven.

The island itself is a volcano, making it lush with life and thick forests full of wildlife.

One of the reasons Bora Bora tops the list of unique honeymoon destinations is the amazing bungalows you can stay in there. The island is notorious for their stilted glass bottom rooms, where you can literally lounge day and night on the ocean.

Who needs to go snorkeling when you can just look between your feet!

2. Cayman Islands

Looking for one of the cleanest, safest destinations in the Caribbean?

The Cayman Islands is made up of three islands: Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman is where the most action is at with several luxury hotels and first-class fine dining restaurants.

It’s also heralded as one of the most beautiful dive and snorkel spots in the world…

But if you’re really into diving and want your own quiet slice of heaven, we recommend one of the smaller sister islands such as Little Cayman.

3. Croatia

Nothing is more romantic than old architecture, oil-painting-like sunsets, wineries, and olive groves.

They’re all great reasons to put Croatia on the list of best unique honeymoon destinations.

And do you have a Game of Thrones fan in the family?

The majority of filming was done in Croatia with scenes of King’s Landing taking place primarily in Dubrovnik.

4. The Maldives

Want to honeymoon on an island? Go to the Maldives and you can choose from over one thousand of them!

This Indonesian paradise is a great spot to hang out on the beach, snorkel, and dive.

5. Patagonia

How about a trip to the end of the world (almost)?

If tropical beaches aren’t your thing — maybe you’ve been there, done that — you can find a completely different kind of nature experience waiting for you in Patagonia.

Dramatic landscapes, waterfalls, caves, and epic hiking… this is an outdoor adventurer’s dream come true.

6. Napa Valley

Are you a culinary and grape connoisseur? Then there’s no whining, only wining and dining, to be had in Napa Valley.

The options are virtually endless when it comes to tasting and finding exactly what suits your taste buds. In fact, there are over four hundred wineries in Napa Valley to choose from!

And the experiences don’t just end at tastings. You can ‘Sip and Cycle’ by doing a bike tour, do a tour that has you stop at local art galleries, or do a winemaker cruise on a yacht!

7. Vietnam

Want to go somewhere far away, where the culture is nothing like North America?

Head over to Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country near Thailand.

While Thailand has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, Vietnam is still a slightly less tourist inundated oasis.

You can head over to the capital city, Hanoi, to experience the fast pace of motorbikes, French cuisine, art museums, and markets.

Or experience history in nature by visiting the Ho Chi Minh trail in the jungle.

Villagers and guerillas alike used these secret jungle paths during the war. And you can throw on your hiking boots to experience them for yourself.

8. Honduras

Traveling on a budget but want to go somewhere green, lush, and warm with tropical waters and wildlife?

Head to Honduras.

Roatan is one of the most popular destinations in the country, boasting world class diving at affordable prices.

Head over to the National Park Pico Bonito if you’re feeling extra adventurous. You can spot a keel-billed toucan or a white faced monkey on a hike.

Or for the adrenaline junky, you can hop onto some whitewater rapids on the Rio Cangrejal that runs through the park.

9. Italy

Italy is heralded as one of the most romantic places in the world for good reason.

Who doesn’t want a spaghetti kiss like in Lady and the Tramp while on their honeymoon?

Here are some romantic destinations for couples looking to explore Italy:

  • The Trevi Fountain: Make a wish. This iconic site is said to make anyone who throws a coin backwards over their head into the fountain have their heart’s desire come true.
  • The Colosseum: While the history is a little less than romantic, the actual site itself is something truly precious to behold. Marvel over its size and learn about the history as you tour the inside of the stadium.
  • Piazza Della Spagna: Old buildings, a romantic ambience, wide open spaces, fountains, spanish steps… the piazza is truly a romantic place for any couple to spend some leisure time.

10. Bali

Bali is an island treasure with impressive waterfalls, lush life, epic views, and great surfing.

You can even stay with a local Bali family while you’re there! The culture is accommodating and accepting of the influx of tourists they receive each year.

Some of the romantic things you can do include:

  • Snorkel with turtles in Gili Air
  • Take a hike to the remote Sekumpul Waterfalls
  • Check out the Tegalalang Rice Terraces outside of Ubud
  • Go to Canggu, the food lover’s paradise of Bali, for a true culinary experience

Which of the Unique Honeymoon Destinations Will You Choose?

There you have it! Our list of unique honeymoon destinations… It was hard to pick ten, but we made sure to narrow it down to the most romantic, fun, and special destinations we could come up with.

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