long layover

Are you about to embark on a trip where you have a long layover?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be bored for the duration. Instead, if you plan ahead, you can actually have a pretty good time while you’re waiting for your next flight.

Keep reading for some tips for things to do to survive your long layover and make it something to look forward to!

Make Your Long Layover Overnight

Most airports have hotels attached to them. So if you take a flight somewhere late at night and fly out the next day, you can check into a hotel at the airport. This means you’ll have to go through security again the next day, but it also means you won’t be bored for hours at the airport.

Instead, you’ll get to sleep away the hours and be ready and refreshed to go the next day.

Go For Nap Pods or Pod/Capsule Hotels

Did you know some airports have hotels, miniature rooms or pods and capsules you can rent by the hour? While this might sound sleazy, there are perfectly good reasons for this.

The rent by the hour pods or hotel rooms are perfect for those who don’t have an overnight layover, but who want to relax between flights. You can take a shower if your first flight was really long and you want to freshen up. You can also have a long nap if your layover, again, is several hours but isn’t overnight.

This way, you’ll only pay for the time you use the hotel or miniature room or pod, and you’ll get a good nap in before you catch your next flight.

Visit a Museum

Not only can you find hotels or pods in airports, but some have museums in them, too. Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, for example, has some amazing artwork on display. So instead of wasting your time reading trashy magazines, get cultured by visiting one of the museums in the airport.

Go Exploring

This is something you should do only if your layover is long enough. If you have a short layover or a layover which is just a few hours, it’s best not to attempt this. This is because with security and the amount of time it takes to check into your flight, you could risk missing it if you’re gone for too long.

But if your layover is an entire day, you can leave the airport and catch a train or taxi into the city you’re in. Go exploring at some of the famous sites or eat some of the local cuisines while you’re waiting to catch your next flight.

Make sure you head back to the airport at least a couple of hours before your connecting flight to avoid any last minute issues.

Create a Plan of Action

If you know you can’t leave the airport and you’re not going to spend the night there, go online and look at the connecting airport’s layout. Figure out what there is to do in the airport, and plan your time.

Perhaps there’s a restaurant you love located in the airport, or you’d like to go shopping at a particular shopping outlet. Working this out ahead of time means you’ll have something to look forward to once you land instead of just waiting aimlessly.

Get a Massage or Manicure

Yes, you can get a massage or manicure at the airport! Many airports offer express, or in some cases, longer spa services. You can indulge yourself and relax while waiting for your next flight. This way, you can arrive at your destination refreshed, and perhaps even all glammed up for whomever you’re meeting!

Stock Up on Movies on Your Devices

Going to be waiting a long time between flights? No worries. Rent a movie off of iTunes or Amazon. Or two. Or three.

Go to a restaurant or a quiet location in the airport, plug in your headphones, and watch.

Picking out movies you’ve been waiting to watch for a long time, or hoarding your favorite TV shows, is a great way to reward yourself. This way, you’ll have something to look forward to instead of dreading the long layover you’ll have.

Sample the Food

Many airports offer local flavors and selections at their airports. Whether it be favorite dishes or restaurants popular with the locals, you’ll definitely find something you can’t get at home.

Find something you won’t normally eat at home and try it at the airport. This can make your trip literally a bit spicier.

Get Work Done

Do you freelance or are you a student? Or do you have work needing to get done? Economize and get your work done at the airport!

Most airports nowadays offer free or cheap WiFi and have tables or locations for you to plug in your devices. Sit down and put on a soundtrack to help you concentrate and get to it.

Surviving Long Layovers

Your long layover doesn’t have to be something to dread. In fact, you can look forward to them depending on what you plan ahead for. They can be relaxing or they can help you get ahead on your work and assignments.

Just don’t relax too much. You don’t want to miss your flight because you were dawdling too much at the airport!

Is your long layover going to be abroad? If so, check out our list of essentials you should pack for international travel.

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