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The number of tourists going to Zanzibar has doubled in recent years.

In 2015-2016, just over 160,000 people traveled there. The following year saw 376,000 travelers venture to Zanzibar’s shores. That’s an impressive jump!

And this upward trend in tourism is only set to continue over time. Ever growing numbers of people are deciding to travel to this beautiful African archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

What explains the boom in tourism there? Clearly, it’s a country with a lot going for it. Otherwise, why would so many of us be going there?

We wanted to take a look at the specific reasons people travel to Zanzibar.

Turns out there are a huge bunch of them! Keep reading to find out why more and more of us are deciding to travel to this incredible country, and why you should head there too.

10 Reasons You Absolutely Must Travel to Zanzibar

You should head to Zanzibar for your next adventure because…

1. It’s Full of Cultural Interest

Zanzibar’s colorful history has blessed it with a beautiful blend of cultural influences.

Come to this country and feel the mix of Arabic, African, Persian and European roots (to name a few!). The rich history expresses itself in Zanzibar’s unique atmosphere, architecture, arts, and food.

Exploring Zanzibar is to walk through the civilizations of past and present.

2. There are World-Renowned Beautiful Beaches

Zanzibar’s something of a paradise for all beach-lovers.

As an archipelago, this intoxicating country is packed to the rafters with white sand beaches and stunning, clear blue tropical waters.

Whether you choose to laze dreamily on a beach all day, stroll along the shorelines, or explore the waters themselves, these beaches offer an unparalleled beach-side existence.

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3. Stunning Nature and Wildlife Abound

The beauty of Zanzibar isn’t restricted to its beaches.

Far from it. The country boasts outdoor opportunities that’ll be sure to get the juices of any nature enthusiast flowing.

Head to the famed Jozani Forest Reserve for unforgettable experiences in the wild. Explore the forests, see the endangered Red Colobus Monkeys, and frolic with the wide array of fauna and flora that’s found here.

Venture out to sea and you’ll be welcomed by wild turtles, as well as bottle-nosed and humpback dolphins. Inland or offshore, there’s something for everyone.

4. It’s Safe to Travel Around

Africa often has a bad reputation in terms of tourist safety.

Oftentimes that reputation’s unfair and doesn’t do justice to the unique array of travel opportunities there. Zanzibar’s one example of an African archipelago that can be traveled in safety and security.

Any travel has the potential for negative experiences, and supposedly there’s a level of danger from pirates off Zanzibar’s shores. But within the confines of the shorelines, it’s perfectly safe to travel around.

This is a perfect opportunity for any first trip to Africa. Go, explore, witness the beauty, and challenge those stereotypes of Africa that are often paraded in media.

5. It Remains Relatively Un-Travelled (For Now)

Tourism’s great. But it has a habit of altering the vibes of a country.

And Zanzibar’s a country on the cusp of a tourism boom.

We’ve already seen that the number of tourists is set to double here. That fact means now’s the perfect time to go. Go now to see the country at its best: safe, secure, authentic, and free from crowds and tourist traps.

6. It’s Easy to Escape the Tourist Trail

Zanzibar’s a place with space.

There are opportunities to explore, get off the beaten track, and find your own slice of this tropical paradise.

Want to do your own thing for a while? Hire a moped, explore the island, find a secluded cove somewhere, and buckle down to enjoy the peace and quiet.

7. There’s Adventure around Every Corner

Zanzibar’s a great place for adventure.

The land (and ocean) is perfect for it.

There are abundant reefs and the marine life out to sea. This means that world-class dive-sites abound for all underwater enthusiasts. You could also rent a kayak, windsurf and water ski if you’d prefer to have above-water adventures.

On land, you’ve got jungles, crazy tropical terrain, and busy town vibes to keep you busy!  

8. The Food’s Awesome

Foodies will have a field day in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Island’s famous for its spices. The aromas of cooking cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, and pepper drift in the air, tingling the nostrils and sparking the appetites of anyone in the area.

You can actually visit the various spice plantations too.

Head there to see how these spices are grown, harvested and used. Then head to the street food stalls to see (and sample) them in action.

9. It’s Friendly and Super Chilled Out

Island atmosphere’s always special.

All islands have a habit of offering a heady, intoxicating mix of sleepy, chilled out vibes and friendly faces. Head outside of the towns, and you’ll feel how Zanzibar’s no different!

The locals here welcome people to their shores and will happily share with you their culture and customs. Be sure to respect the local religious and social norms though.

10. There’s Something for Everyone

Zanzibar’s a country of diversity and variety.

There’s something on this island for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re a backpacker looking for a budget African island experience, or a luxury traveler hoping for a 5* resort, you’ll find that Zanzibar has what you need.

Time to Book Your Flights!

There you have it: 10 reasons you absolutely must travel to Zanzibar!

This exotic country in the Indian Ocean has something for everyone.

There’s great culture, food, beach life, and nature to explore. It’s safe too, and an easy place to have an adventure while remaining relatively untouched by tourists. Helped by friendly, welcoming locals, everyone’s sure to enjoy this awesome African archipelago.

Hopefully, the above reasons have persuaded you to place Zanzibar at the top of your bucket list. You won’t regret it!

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