packing hacks

Packing for any kind of trip can be stressful.

Are you packing enough clothes? Are you packing too few toiletries? Did you forget something? On top of all this, it can be hard to fit everything you need into one bag.

Take a look at these 15 packing hacks that’ll make your next vacation easy.

1. Roll Your Clothes: Don’t Fold

When you’re trying to pack light for a vacation, you should always roll your clothes rather than folding them.


There are a few reasons.

Rolling your clothes takes up a lot less space, so you’re able to fit more into a single suitcase. It also doesn’t leave your clothes with giant creases or wrinkles. This trick is helpful when you’re trying to fit all your items in a carry on bag.

2. Invest in Some Packing Cubes

Packing cubes give you an easy way to organize your belongings on the road. You can sort your clothes by type, color, outfit, etc. Instead of digging around your suitcase trying to find what you need, you know where everything is.

You also don’t have to worry about your clothes touching the floor of the hotel as you unpack. Just slide the cubes into the dresser drawers and you’re job is done.

3. Wear Your Heavy Clothes on the Plane

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to check any luggage, you can save a lot of space in your carry on by wearing your heavy clothes for the plane ride.

Wear your boots and pack your sneakers and carry your jacket. Those are some of the largest things you’ll have on your trip, so keeping them out of your bag frees more packing space.

4. Organize Toys and Games with a Shoe Rack

Packing your children’s favorite toys and games can be the difference between an enjoyable road trip and a frustrating road trip. These toys can keep your kids occupied during long car rides.

To keep all these toys from sliding around on the floor, get some shoe organizes and hang them on the back of the driver and passenger seats. Puting the toys and games into the shoe pouches keeps them tidy and within your children’s reach.

5. Keep a Trash Can in the Car

This isn’t something a lot of people think about before a road trip, but it can make a big difference. If you’re sitting the car for hours at a time, you’ll end up with a lot of trash.

Without a trash can, where are you supposed to put it all?

All you need is a plastic cereal contain that comes with a lid. You can also line it with a small trash bag or grocery bag so throwing the trash away is a breeze.

6. Pack Necessary Plane Items in Their Own Bag

Keeping the things you know you’ll need during a plane ride in their own bag is always a good idea. This could include things like chapstick, a phone charger, headphones, snacks, books, or anything else you might use.

Instead of digging through the rest of your carry on luggage, you can just pull out the smaller bag and have everything you need ready to go.

7. Put Dryer Sheets Between Your Clothes

Laying a few dryer sheets between your clothes keeps them fresh and smelling nice. They don’t require any extra packing space, and they’re a lot easier to use than a bottle of fabric freshener.

8. Pack Toiletries in Travel-Sized Containers

You won’t use an entire tube of toothpaste on your vacation, so there’s no reason to bring the whole thing. Sure, a single tube of toothpaste isn’t that big, but when you start adding your other toiletries to the mix, you’re taking up a lot of wasted space you could be using for other items.

Things like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, and other toiletries should go in their own travel sized containers. Remember, if you’re staying at a hotel, you might not need to pack any shampoo, lotion, or soap at all.

9. Plan Your Outfits

Planning an outfit for every day of your trip ensures you don’t bring more clothes than you need. Instead of just packing your favorite clothes, match each piece with their own outfit. If you’re having trouble deciding what to bring, have a mini fashion show with yourself so you know what you like together.

10. Bring a Bag for Dirty Laundry

Pack a fabric or mesh bag in your suitcase to use as a dirty laundry bag during your trip. This will keep your suitcase from getting messy and unorganized, and it will also protect your clean clothes from getting smelly.

11. Pack Things in Your Shoes

Packing your socks inside your shoes prevents your shoes from collapsing during the plane or car ride. It also saves precious space in your suitcase.

If you have any breakable items, like a glass perfume bottle, you can put this inside a shoe to prevent it from breaking. Don’t overlook your shoes. They’re like little suitcases of their own.

12. Put Your Belt in Your Shirt Collar

Going somewhere important during your trip? Keep your shirt collar nice by sliding a belt through it. You won’t have to worry about a mangled collar if you’re staying somewhere without an iron.

13. Keep Your Shoes Separate

As helpful as packing things inside your shoes can be, you also don’t want them touching the rest of your clothing. Shoes are dirty, especially after walking around during your vacation.

Bring a bag for your shoes. This will keep dirt from getting on the rest of your luggage.

14. Use Plastic Wrap to Keep Bottles from Exploding

The air pressure during a plane ride can cause your toiletries to explode, which can get things like lotion, shampoo, or sunscreen all over your clothes.

To keep this from happening, take the lids off all your bottles, cover the opening with a small piece of plastic wrap, and screw the lids back on.

15. Bring an Extra Plastic Bag for Wet Things

Leaving your wet swimming suit, beach towel, or other items in a fabric bag can make it start to mildew. Bring along an extra plastic back to keep your wet things away from your other luggage during the return trip.

Make Traveling Easier with These Packing Hacks

Many people overpack when they’re preparing for their trip. Sticking with these packing hacks will free up some of that space in your suitcase and let you squeeze in a few souvenirs too.

If you don’t want to bring more than you need, pack your bag a few days in advance. Once you’re done, take half of what you’ve packed back out again. This will leave you with the supplies you’re really going to use.

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