Did you know that couples who travel together have happier and healthier relationships compared to those who don’t?

It’s no wonder that more couples are looking to get away together in order to feel more joy.

Need to add a little bit of spark back into your relationship or looking to dazzle the one you love?

Keep reading for helpful tips to book the perfect romantic getaway!

Plan Like a Pro: How to Book the Perfect Romantic Getaway

Even the most passionate couple or person can use some romance inspiration which is where this post will come in handy. There are so many ideas for a new and exciting romantic getaway to spice up your relationship. These ideas can be done on any budget.

Surprise or Not a Surprise That Is The Question?

One of the first things to decide when planning a romantic getaway is should you surprise your partner or not? There is no right or wrong answer here the important thing is to do what will make your partner happier.

Some people love surprises and spur of the moment getaways. Some not so much they might actually hate it because they like to plan. If it won’t be a surprise, then you can plan the romantic getaway together and spend some quality time together planning your epic trip.

Book Your Getaway for the Off Season

This is a great way to have the place more to yourself and fewer people as you check out local attractions during your romantic getaway. The other bonus to booking during offseason is that it will be more budget friendly. Usually, hotels and resorts run big specials during their offseason in order to fill up their rooms.

You might even find great deals on packages with massages, or spa days booking during the offseason.

Choose Your Destination

Choose where you want to go if you are flying out. There are so many options you can fly international, stay in the same country travel somewhere outside of where you live. Choose according to how much time you have and your budget.

Once you choose your destination there are so many places to choose from. Including beautiful hotels or resorts

Create a Gift Basket

You can either surprise your partner with a gift basket or you can choose items to put in it for your getaway. Or you can make a plan to made a basket for each other that you will gift to each other once you arrive.

The possibilities with this gift basket are endless. A few ideas on items you can add include:

  • Love notes
  • Wine
  • Candle
  • Games
  • Champagne
  • Print out some pictures from the beginning of your relationship
  • Create a unique gift with pictures of the two of you (magnet, postcard, shirt, bag, etc)

The point with this basket is to be thoughtful and personal. Have fun creating this and trust us your partner will be thankful.

Staycation Option

If leaving your children for too long or budget is a concern then this option might be for you. A staycation can be just as romantic. You can find a bed and breakfast or a luxury resort nearby that you can go hang for a couple of days.

This will save you money on flights and car rentals and you will still have a blast and the opportunity to spice up your relationship. Get creative in your search and possibly go through your local Groupon deals to see if there are any good getaway deals nearby.


Splurging on at least one item or experience during your trip on something you both love will feel great. There are so many options maybe book a room with a hot tub or book a couples massage. Have a beautiful dinner you normally wouldn’t indulge in. 

With all the options out there for tourists, you are bound to find something you both will love and remember for years to come.

Hold the Finance Talk

Seriously anything less romantic than talking about finances and bills? Your romantic getaway is not the time to discuss finances. There is no right place to do it during your getaway.

Hold the money talk and enjoy each other.

Put the Electronics Away

Lock up all phones, iPads, laptops, tablets up. You don’t need any of these to enjoy each other. If you are using your phone as a camera then put your phone on airplane mode to avoid the temptation of picking up the phone or jumping on social media.

If possible put them away in the hotel safe until you leave and use a regular camera to capture your memories.

Don’t Try to Do All the Things

You might be tempted to fill in every minute of your getaway time but don’t do it. This can defeat the purpose of your romantic getaway because you might end up exhausted after your getaway instead of refreshed.

The last thing you want to feel is like you’re on a schedule during your getaway leave lots of time to go with the flow and allow yourselves to sleep in and hang out in bed all day. Why not?

Romance is up to You

At the end of the day, you two will create your romance. No matter what you choose to do with the right attitude during your romantic getaway you will enjoy each other and have the most romantic time ever. 

Traveling sometimes can be frustrating because of all the moving pieces including packing. Focus on your partner and make each other feel as special as possible and your trip will be a success.

Looking for packing tips to make this part of your trip less stressful? Check out our article sharing 15 packing tips to make your traveling easier.

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