Every year Maryland harvests around 54 million pounds of blue crabs. The ultimate place to enjoy them is at one of the hundreds of restaurants right there.

But how do you choose the best one? Now, there’s no need to go searching for the ultimate seafood in Maryland, thanks to the Crab and Oyster Trail.

This online tool helps you to plan and book your culinary itinerary of markets, tours, restaurants, and events at a glance. 

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A Brief History of Seafood in Maryland

Fishing came to the fore in Maryland during the 18th century. Yet, it wasn’t until 100 years later that blue crabs made their way into the catch.

What started off as a simple hook-and-line undertaking soon expanded. Now it’s the home of some of the largest commercial fishing operations in the US. 

Today, wholesalers like NAFCO, Crab Dynasty, and Mr. Fish, ship Chesapeake Bay’s best bounty from coast to coast and beyond. 

Eastern Shore Eateries

Smith Island has an abundance of soft shell crabs along its shores. You can dine on this delicacy at numerous Maryland seafood restaurants.  

Don’t miss the chance to sample some of the excellent local craft beers while you’re in the area.

Central Maryland Cuisine

Central Maryland is the ultimate meeting place for oyster lovers.

Here you can revel in big city excitement, oyster roasts, seafood festivals, and oyster bars accessible from the land and water.

Settle down in a Maryland seafood house and watch the world go by while you munch on baked, fried, steamed, and raw delicacies.

Around the Capital 

In and around the capital, upper-class Maryland Seafood restaurants offer views of the wide and gentle Potomac River and gourmet versions of all your favorite seafood dishes. 

Nearby the city of Frederick dishes up a surprising array of events, art, nature and crab-based delicacies.

It’s a great place for families to explore and indulge in budget-beating meal options at all-you-can-eat seafood buffets. 

Southern Maryland’s Lazy Rivers

The shores of Chesapeake Bay, and the meandering Patuxent and Potomac Rivers abound with Maryland crab houses.

This historic area is a celebration of the area’s rich fishing history and one of the best places to enjoy traditional seafood eats.

Take the Waterman Heritage trail to find out more or learn to catch your own dinner in these abundant waters.

To the West

Seafood feasts are a perfect compliment to the glorious mountains and coastline of Western Maryland.

You can take a boat or train, drive, or hike in any direction and head to Hagerstown or Oakdale afterward.

Here you’ll find a flurry of down-home diners and swish eateries dishing up oysters, crabs, and fish of every description. 

When to Go

Blue crabs are at their best in the summer and fall, rockfish are great in every month that has an ‘r’ in it. You’ll get the plumpest oysters from October to March. 

Dining on seafood in Maryland should be on everybody’s seaside vacation checklist. Keep reading our blog for more great getaway ideas and tips. 

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