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Summertime is on the way! That means vacation will be here before you know it.

There’s nothing better than leaving the stress of life behind to chill on the beach with a fruity drink, a good book, and your favorite tunes. But first you’ve got to book your flight, your lodging, and buy that new bathing suit.

For many travelers, money is tight, so vacation funds are limited. Don’t panic, in this article we teach you how to save money on flights.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to save money and make this the best trip ever!

1. Skip Nonstop Flights

Everyone would love to hop on a plane and head directly to their destination of choice without having to deal with connecting flights. After all, who wants to spend hours sitting in another airport when they could already be at their favorite resort baking in the sun?

But nonstop flights will cost you. Often hundreds of dollars more than non-direct flights.

This is a great way to save money on your plane ticket if you don’t mind a layover. 

2. Browse Incognito

Here’s a dirty little secret you might not know about websites: They create cookies on your browser that track your online search activity. This means that travel sites know exactly what you’re looking for based on search history and adjust their prices accordingly. Pretty sneaky, right?

Fortunately, there’s an even sneakier way to slip in under their radar when browsing flight information. Google Chrome offers an incognito mode for private browsing. Safari’s version of this is called Private Window. Both of these allow you to browse in privacy without fear of cookies monitoring your activity. 

3. Take Advantage of Budget Airlines

Believe it or not, a surprising number of people are hesitant to fly budget airlines. Perhaps this is because they are simply unfamiliar with the airline, or they equate quality with price.

Rather than being scared away by the low price, take advantage of the savings. The biggest thing you’re going to sacrifice with a budget airline is the amenities that you might expect when flying with someone else.

Typically you’ll have to forego pre-allocated seat selection and such niceties as in-flight services and entertainment. We suggest planning ahead and packing a lunch and then watch a movie on your mobile device. For a lot of people, the major savings will be worth the minor inconvenience.   

4. Compare Prices Across Multiple Sites

There’s never been a better time to be a consumer. This is especially true for travels looking for great deals on flights. The Internet provides a wide range of options for finding the best prices possible.

Every flight search engine site will generally offer a different price for the same flight. So the more sites you investigate, the more price options you’ll discover.

Some of the best sites you’ll want to check out include and Google Flights. Both of these are easy to use and consistent in providing the lowest prices on the web.

5. Book as Early as Possible

One of the best things you can to ensure you receive the best deal is to book your flight as early as possible. This obviously requires some foresight and planning on your part, but if you can get your vacation situation in order well in advance, it’s definitely worth the effort.

When planning the details for your trip, keep in mind that the ideal time to buy your tickets is 54 days out from your departure date. Yes, that’s nearly two months, but you’ll love the savings if you can make it work.

And if you can’t, just remember that the booking window for the best deal is between 29 and 100 days out. Just be careful not to book too early or too late.

6. Travel in the Off Season

Another helpful tip is to travel in low season. Avoiding the peak travel season can save a small fortune. Plus you’ll miss the heavy crowds. 

Summer is obviously a peak time of the year, but you’ll also want to avoid Christmas, Easter, and a few other holidays.

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7. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

We understand that not everyone has a lot of flexibility with their vacation days, yet a little wiggle room can go a long way.

Having flexible travel dates is one of the keys to finding affordable airfare. This is especially true for the days of the week you’re willing to travel. The cheapest days to fly are typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that’s something worth keeping in mind.

Another advantage of having a flexible itinerary is the freedom to seize opportunities such as travel vouchers for oversold flights and other great last-minute deals. 

8. Buy a Package Deal

Many people tend to shy away from buying a package deal, but this is another option for saving money by booking your trip.

Package deals generally include airfare, lodging, food, rental car, and in many cases include drinks. These packages are great because everything is taken care of with one click of the button.

9. Use Credit Card Reward Points

Most people use credit cards for nearly every purchase during their everyday life. Many credit card companies offer points for purchases you make over the course of the year, and you can often transfer these points for use in booking your airfare and hotel.

This is a perfect way to save money by using points you’ve already earned. It’s also ideal for business travelers who earn points for air travel from work. Most of the time you can simply cash in your travel points for free airfare for vacation. What could be better than that?!

Learning How to Save Money on Flights

Even if you’re working with a limited budget, the sky is still the limit if you simply learn how to save money on flights. These tips can help. Just be a smart consumer, do your research, and get ready to have the time of your life!

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