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As a traveler, you probably like to explore and authentically experience your destinations. It’s not a good trip if you didn’t get at least a little lost, and you probably like to bring stories back more than souvenirs. And when you want to get lost and have adventures, it’s best to go somewhere exotic.

Exotic travel destinations have attracted explorers throughout history. Their regional ecologies are entirely unique, giving you opportunities for photographs with palm trees, parrots, or other wild creatures. Their local cultures also contrast with your home to give you a taste of the wild side of the world.

Yet, there are many destinations to choose from. They all have advantages and disadvantages. They can also be entirely different from one another — Puerto Rico is nothing like French Polynesia, even if they’re both islands.

Keep reading below for a quick guide to nine of the best exotic travel destinations to visit for your next adventure.

1. Puerto Rico Gives You A Taste of Exotic Travel Destinations

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, and although much of its infrastructure was devastated, visitors are still welcome. Part of this is due to the fact that the island is a US territory, and doesn’t require a passport to travel to. And as a result of the storm, there are many opportunities for travelers to be a part of the local culture.

You can bring friends along and help locals rebuild their homes, or work with local groups to restore power. Traveling to Puerto Rico will give you the opportunity to help people against a background of lush beaches and crashing waves.

2. To Croatia, Vis A Vis A Boat

The island of Vis in Croatia is a bit of secret, explored only by experienced adventurers. The island is a short boat ride from the Croatian town of Split, and once you’re there you’ll never want to leave. Waves crash onto rocky cliffs against pure beaches, and there are caves for you to crawl into and relax.

It’s an international destination that will take you far away from home. If you want an escape from the rest of the world, it’s best to get it at vis a vis, the Croatian island of Vis.

3. Experience Tropical France In French Polynesia

When most people think of France, they think of Paris, the Louvre, and the Eifel Tower. Yet, French culture and France itself has spread farther than Europe and has taken root in many parts of the tropics. For example, French Polynesia is a collective owned by France, meaning you should have no problem reaching it.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to explore hundreds of islands, all more beautiful than the last. If you want to experience French culture without going to France, try French Polynesia.

4. You Can Explore The Yucatán’s Deep

There comes a point when adventurers and travelers start to feel like they’ve seen all they can on land. No matter the size of a cliff or the majesty of a beach, they get bored. When that happens, it’s time to explore a new frontier — the sea.

And when you want to explore the sea, you go to the Yucatán. It’s found on the southeast corner of Mexico, and while the area itself is beautiful, the true beauty lies beneath the surface. Swim with whale sharks and explore an expansive reef after lounging on the beach for a great adventure.

5. Do Stop by Dubai

Not all the fun has to be on the western side of the world — India offers opportunities for travelers to explore, too. Dubai is one such opportunity.

The city is a deep contrast between historical landmarks and modern, new-age city-building. Whether you want to get lost in a city that boasts one of the fastest growing populations today or escape from it to learn about India’s history, you can do either in Dubai.

6. Hey Man, Visit the Hayman Island

There’s one country that never gets enough love when it comes to exotic destinations: Australia. Even though Australia has an extensive coral reef to explore and large expanses of a desert for hardcore explorers, it’s still barely mentioned.

One of the country’s gems of a destination is Hayman Island. Don’t shrug off the island because of its size — there’s still a lot to explore in it. Whether you want to feel pure, white sand between your toes or take to its seas, the island has more fun to offer than people realize.

7. Dublin’s Dubbed as A Perfect Getaway

For a lot of travelers, palm trees and beaches don’t just satisfy their needs. True adventure lies underneath cloudy skies and through mountainous, green plains. For those travelers, there’s Dublin.

The area has gained some attention recently as one of the many places Game of Thrones is filmed throughout Ireland. And even if fantasy TV shows don’t attract you, there’s still many pubs and people to talk to. Adventure pours from Dublin like its morning dew, and since it’s Irish, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to it.

8. Like Bars? Go to Barcelona

What is the point of traveling if it doesn’t involve a drink or two? How can you explore a country if you don’t explore its bars and restaurants?

For travelers who want to immerse themselves in a rich night-life scene, there’s Barcelona. The Catalonian capital came under fire a little while ago during a civil war in Spain, but now that it’s recovered, it’s eager to host your next trip.

9. Go to Kyoto for an Asian Experience

Asia is frequently left out of these lists, and for no good reason. Take Kyoto for instance — its lush cherry blossoms are bound to impress every kind of traveler, and even spark love. The city itself has a rich night-life and is one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

Don’t knock Japan off your travel list, especially when you haven’t explored cities like Kyoto.

To Explore Is to Live

As a traveler, exploring is in your blood. The yearning to understand and experience the world can only be shared by those who accompany you. Bring some friends on your next trip, and make sure it’s one to remember.

To find your next exotic travel destinations, and for help to plan a trip for you and your friends, just keep reading here. Our website is built by people who also hear the call of adventure. We just want to make sure you hear it too!

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