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Planning an international vacation? You aren’t alone, over 87 million Americans travel internationally each year.

Traveling to another country can be made less stressful by packing the right items. Do not wait until you are in a foreign country to buy necessities.

They are often not available or very expensive. Plan to bring items than perform more than one function to save on space.

Whether it is sunscreen, flip flops or hand sanitizer, these travel essentials will make your next vacation more enjoyable.

1. Luggage Cubes

There is nothing worse than digging around in the bottom of your luggage for your toiletries. Buy a packing cube set to keep all small items organized.

Use one to keep your socks and underwear together. Use another to keep items like deodorant, toothbrush, and hairbrush together.

2. Water Bottle

Whether you are visiting a warm or cold climate, it is important to stay hydrated. Most people spend a lot of time walking around outside while on vacation.

Bring a water bottle with you to save money on buying bottled water. Pair the bottle with a LifeStraw if you are in a country with nonpotable water.

3. Sarong

You don’t have to be traveling to the islands to bring a sarong with you. This versatile item works as a scarf, towel, or sheet.

Use it as a picnic blanket when eating outside. The thin lightweight fabric will take up very little room in your luggage.

4. Flip Flops

Flip flops take up no room in your luggage and you will be grateful when you need them. Wear them to the pool of your five-star hotel.

You could wear them to the beach during your tropical vacation. Wear them to the shower of your hostel to protect your feet.

5. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Don’t wear your flip-flops all day while walking around sightseeing. They will not support your feet or arches, leaving you with sore feet, knees, and back.

Find a pair of nice looking yet comfortable walking shoes. They should have a solid sole and good arch support.

6. Quick Drying Towel

Depending on the type of traveling you are doing, a quick drying towel will be invaluable. Many hostels and guesthouses around the world do not provide towels as a part of your stay.

A regular bath towel will take up a lot of room and take a long time to dry. These are best left at home.

If you are not staying in a hostel, a quick dry towel will work great to dry you off after a rainstorm. It is also practical for wiping away sweat in the hot and humid parts of the world.

7. Solid shampoo

A solid shampoo is a workaround to the liquid limits airlines impose on travelers. Solid shampoo in your checked luggage is one less bottle to risk bursting mid-flight.

8. Camera

No matter where in the world you are traveling, you are going to want pictures of your adventures. Sometimes an iPhone isn’t going to cut it.

An affordable compact camera will let you take pictures of the sights. Pair it with the flash drive for increased storage.

9. Kindle

A kindle is a perfect way to catch up on reading while spending a lazy day at the beach. It is compact and small enough to carry with you while traveling on a plane or train.

A Kindle will relieve your eyes from the blue light strain that cell phones and laptops produce. They also provide access to many more books than what you could physically carry with you.

10. Flash Drive

A flash drive gives you more storage than what is on your phone or your camera’s internal memory. It also lets you easily share your pictures with friends, family, and fellow travelers.

11. Adapters

When traveling from the United States to anywhere else in the world, you will need an adapter for your electrical items. You can buy a universal adapter kit that provides adapters for everywhere.

You can also check the country you are traveling to and buy an adapter specific for that country. Check that it is rated correctly and receives good reviews. You do not want your electrics fried while away from home.

12. Sunscreen

Depending on where you travel, sunscreen may be difficult to find or very expensive when you do. If you know a brand that works for you, bring it with you.

13. Passport Holder

You should keep your passport on you at all times while traveling. It is vital for your ability to travel between countries and back home.

A passport holder that straps to your body is least likely to get stolen. You can find ones with extra compartments to hold other items like cash, credit cards, and a cell phone.

14. Hand Sanitizer

You are out and about and decide to stop for food. There may not always be a bathroom around for you to wash your hands.

Let’s say you do find the bathroom, but it isn’t stock properly. Hand sanitizer will save you in these situations.

Use hand sanitizer after visiting a crowded tourist area. People from all over the world in one location results in a lot of foreign germs getting spread around.

15. Headphones

On the plane and stuck next to the chatty Cathy? No problem, put your headphones in and enjoy peace and quiet for the rest of the flight.

Use them in the hotel to drown out environmental noise that you may not be used to. Wear them to watch tv or listen to music while your fellow travelers are sleeping.

Pack Your Travel Essentials

When packing your travel essentials for international travel, space is key. Choose items that are necessary or don’t take up a lot of room in your luggage.

Items like flip flops, sarong, and passport that perform multiple functions. Items like the sunscreen, headphones, and walking shoes provide creature comforts for a more enjoyable trip.

Don’t forget to bring the power adapter or you won’t be using electronics once their batteries die. Your cell phone, camera, and flash drive will cover any picture taking.

Now that you have your international travel checklist, check out these awesome places to visit.

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