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Do you have a vacation in Florida planned and want to do things outside of the more popular tourist attractions?

If so, then we recommend checking out unique things to do in Florida. This is an opportunity to explore the outdoors and historical areas of the Sunshine State.

Here are 13 unique things to do in Florida to make your trip one to remember.

1. Devil’s Den Snorkeling

Devil’s Den should be a priority for things to do in Florida for ocean lovers. At this pre-historic cave, you can snorkel to Florida’s best springs.

2. Rocket Launch

Space enthusiasts should save time for watching a rocket launch. The Canaveral National Seashore is perfect for watching rockets take off from the Kennedy Space Center.

3. Everglades Chickee Huts

Some of the best places to visit in Florida show how people lived hundreds of years ago. A prime example is the Everglades Chickee Huts, which are built by the local Miccosukee tribe to help you relax in nature.

4. Swimming with Manatees

Weird Florida activities help you interact with the state’s unique wildlife, such as manatees. Crystal Springs is perfect for swimming with these friendly marine mammals.

5. Airboats

The Florida Everglades also provides airboat rides for outdoor enthusiasts. You can spot alligators, swamp snakes, wading birds, and other creatures along the ride.

6. Haunted Houses

Our list of unique places to see in Florida includes haunted houses in Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. The ghost tours provide a history lesson about the area before you sleep over these haunted houses.

7. Clarion Inn With Unique Things to Do in Florida

When it comes to places to stay, Clarion Hotel Universal Studios provides is a reliable option. You can take a shuttle bus to International Drive to check out Orlando’s shopping areas.

8. Lighthouses

Florida’s best views come from its lighthouses. St. Augustine Lighthouse shows off Anastasia Island from the top, while Pensacola Lighthouse gives you a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

9. Bioluminescence Tours

Unique places to visit in Florida provide a new way to view nature. One example is a bioluminescent kayaking tour of the Indian River Lagoon, which shows off a bright blue-green light at night.

10. Dry Tortugas

Those visiting Key West should stop by the Dry Tortugas National Park. You can spend your time on the island snorkeling, kayaking, and working on your tan.

11. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The most unique things to do in Florida also help you learn about different cultures. At the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, you can learn about Japan through art, artifacts, tea ceremonies, and lantern festivals.

12. Dali Museum

Art lovers should also check out the Dali Museum. The design of the museum gives you a taste of what to expect inside, including paintings, wax figures, and augmented reality exhibits.

13. Wallaby Ranch

Travelers who want a bird’s-eye view of Florida’s landscape should stop by Wallaby Ranch. This hang-gliding flight park lets you soar through the sky and spot Orlando and other tourist attractions.

Experiencing the Most Unique Things to Do in Florida

The most unique things to do in Florida allow you to experience different aspects of the state.

With this guide, you can share amazing adventures with friends and family when you get back home from Florida.

For more of our travel expertise, check out our guides today to find the perfect destination for your next adventure.

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