After a fun vacation, you probably have a lot of fun trinkets that you’d love to put on display around your home. But how do you do that without being perceived as “tacky”? 

Well, you can definitely just lean into the “tacky” without worrying about what other people think (hey, it’s your house! Kitschy style is totally cool) but you can also make it work with the aesthetic that you’ve already developed for your home. 

Vacation souvenirs can be subtle, fun, and add just enough flair to your home decor to spark interest without being the center of attention (unless, of course, you want them to be). 

Keep reading for a few tips on decorating with travel souvenirs in your space!

Buy With Decor In Mind

While it can be tempting to hit the gift shop and grab the first shiny object that stands out to you, not everything from your Caribbean Cruise, your trip to Disney, or Ripley’s Believe It or Not Pattaya is going to be suited for a special place on your shelf.

You need to be selective. 

Try purchasing objects that already mesh with what you have going on inside. Do you have a color scheme? Does your house have a bit of a theme? 

It doesn’t have to be a perfect match and it probably won’t, but leaning into your pre-existing style choices ahead of time will help you when you’re trying to place your items.

Make Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes are a great way to take small souvenirs and turn them into larger decorative items that can be used around the home either on the wall or on shelves.

Not all holiday souvenirs are purchased. Some of them are found, like shells or flowers. Maybe you have some photos printed, or some smaller objects that would easily get lost in the shuffle of your home. 

A shadowbox will compile them into one big vacation memory box. You can see your whole trip at a glance!

Repurpose Your Finds

So many souvenirs can be repurposed to more easily fit in your home. 

Did you buy a t-shirt on a whim that you know you’re never going to wear after that initial family photo? We’ve all been there. Why not make it into a pillowcase, or sew it into a vacation quilt when you gather more? 

Did you get some cool shells? Why not make them into jewelry? Large ones can be used as ring holders on a bathroom counter. 

Mugs that would otherwise crowd your cabinets (yes, we too can’t resist a touristy mug everywhere we go, but how many can you really own?) can be used to hold makeup brushes, pencils, or other trinkets around the house. 

Be creative! 

What Do You Do With Vacation Souvenirs? 

When you do a lot of traveling, you end up with a lot of vacation souvenirs. Rather than let them clutter your closets, let them be displayed uniquely around your home! You want to remember your travels, so don’t hide them.

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