Food Travel

Food is joy and brings humanity together. 

Unfortunately, those of us who enjoy traveling the world and eating can’t go anywhere.

No one knows when things will go back to normal. In the meantime, we miss being able to try new cuisine. 

Do you want to learn how to food travel without leaving the house? Keep reading below. 

Find a New Food Blogger & Prepare International Food

One thing the quarantine gave us was more time at home. If food and travel are your passion and you’re grounded, try finding a new food blogger and prepare international dishes

Not only will you be able to try new things but you’ll learn something about cuisine along the way. There’s an entire world of food to choose from.

Examples include Steak Frites from France, Street Corn from Mexico, Jollof Rice from Ghana or Pho from Vietnam. 

Finding a food blogger is as easy as searching for the best on Google. You’ll find hundreds of them writing about preparing all kinds of dishes.

Many of these bloggers are now on Instagram. This is a great social media platform to see gorgeous examples of meals, find recipes, and connect with other people who are passionate about food.

Order Out To Get Your Food Travel Fix

If you can’t travel to the food, then bring international cuisine to you! Ordering out is a fantastic way to try new foods without going on vacation. 

Take out is perfectly safe and there is no evidence that it can transmit the coronavirus. Even before the pandemic, restaurants employed food safety and handling protocols to prevent the spread of any disease. 

This is your chance to discover your new favorite restaurant. Depending on the size and demographic makeup of your city, there should be many different types of food at your fingertips. 

You can choose Indian, Peruvian, Japanese, Ukrainian, French, or even an Italian restaurant and catering.

Share Your Staycation With Others

Have you ever thought of writing your own food travel blog? 

You can cook a different international dish every day or week, and write about it in a blog to share what you learned and how the food tasted. 

Or, if you are ordering food to be delivered to your home, provide your readers with a background on the food and a review of how it tasted. People love food and in no time you will start gaining loyal followers. 

You’ll be providing a valuable resource to your local community. Maybe when the quarantine is over you can make the travel food blog into your full-time job. 

Don’t Let Staying Home Bring You Down

Food travel is not only fun but it expands your horizons. You don’t need to miss out on new experiences because of the pandemic. 

Take advantage of online recipes at your fingertips to prepare delicious international meals and use a food delivery service to order something new.

One positive of staying at home this year is you’ll have the time to plan your next post-quarantine trip. Check out some of our other blogs for more information.

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