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The world is returning to normal and we will all be able to start moving again in 2021. If you have been dying to flex your travel muscles and see the world once more, what better reason is there to travel than for food? Food experiences have increasingly become one of the top reasons that people decide to travel, with culinary tourism worth more than $1 trillion a year by 2019.

If you have forgotten what you have been missing, we’re here to get you fired up. Read on to find out the five essential types of dinner events that are always worth traveling for. 

1. Michelin Travel Experiences

Although at the very high-end of the cultural cuisine spectrum, a Michelin dinner travel experience is pretty much as good as it gets. Traveling to far-flung locales to experience the food that has been named the very best on Earth is truly a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, one that everyone who is keen on international travel should try.

Some of the most popular packages include a trip to Noma in Copenhagen, where a 12-course Nordic menu awaits. Another unforgettable experience is a weekend in Catalonia, where the celebrated El Bulli restaurant awaits. Competition for reservations is fierce, meaning that only those who are serious foodies need apply.

2. Premium Wedding Dinner Events

Few people think of the food when they think of a wedding, but there is no denying that a wedding dinner is a dinner event that is always worth traveling for. Imagine it now, being sat in a gorgeous venue with hundreds of friends and family members, nibbling on artisan cheese and champagne while you wait for course after decadent course to be brought to your table.

Of course, not all wedding dinners are created equal. If you are planning one of your own in 2021, then you should consider using a top-tier wedding planning service such as ksvipevents.com for an unforgettable dinner.

3. US State Fairs

They may not be the classiest affairs, but that is no denying that a State Fair is a foodie experience to remember. While most of the big state fairs eschew Michelin dining in favor of deep-fried butter and foot-long corn dogs, this in itself is a culinary journey.

If you are feeling naughty and just want to enjoy some of the most decadent and outrageous dishes ever conceived in a judgment-free setting, then head to your nearest state fair in 2021. It will always be worth the cost of domestic flights.

4. Street Food Festivals 

Finally, if you want to experience a crash-course in international cuisine in a party atmosphere that does not break the bank, then make sure to mark the world’s best street food festivals in your calendar for 2021.

Whether it’s the acclaimed Hong Kong Dumpling Festival, Pizzafest in Naples, the uber-classy Melbourne Wine & Food Festival, or the unmissable Singapore Food Festival, these events will keep you occupied for the entirety of your next trip overseas. 

Build Your Travel Checklist for 2021

If these dinner events inspired you to book your next flights for 2021, we are here to help you structure the perfect trip. Make sure to consult our extensive and expertly-curated Travel Checklist guides to find out how your next travel experience can be truly flawless. 

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