Outdoor Activities With the Kids

In the last year, some children’s screen time has increased by up to 500%. Given that too much screen time can cause trouble with sleeping, emotional regulation, and more, it’s time to figure out how to get off the screens and back outdoors.

Finding new and exciting outdoor activities that the whole family will enjoy can seem difficult, especially when so many normal summertime activities are still off-limits.

That’s why we’re here to inspire you with some refreshing outdoor activities that will interest kids of all ages!

Read on for three fun and unique ideas for outdoor activities you can try with your kids this summer.


Okay, so this one may not sound “new.” However, swimming really is an enjoyable all-ages activity. There are plenty of ways to keep things fresh.

For starters, do all of your little ones know how to swim yet? If not, use this guide on teaching kids to swim so that everyone can enjoy some water time!

Another way to keep swimming exciting is to go on the hunt for new watering holes. Whether you can access new community pools or take a drive to a great lake or beach, that change of scenery will liven things up.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Is it difficult to keep your kids happy and engaged on a hike? If so, you’re not alone.

By putting together a nature scavenger hunt, you can provide just enough structure to a hike or nature walk to keep your kids interested. Make sure that the objects on your scavenger hunt list will have them looking up, down, and all over the place! Challenge them to spot the kinds of flora, fauna, and natural rock formations that are common in your area. 

To kick things up a notch, let the winner pick a fun activity, like an after-hike treat or a movie to watch as a family.

Backyard Obstacle Courses

Depending on where you live, your kids may not have easy access to a playground. Playgrounds offer opportunities for exercise and motor skill development that are crucial for growing children.

One way to make up for this playground void is to create your very own backyard obstacle course! You can outdoor toys, sticks, rocks and all sorts of materials to create the path for your obstacle course. Incorporate safe-to-climb structures like slides or sturdy chairs to make the obstacle course a little more vertical!

Get Back to Playtime With These Outdoor Activities

Our kids are inundated with screens. Between texting friends, completing schoolwork, and play games, they’re looking at screens now more than ever. With these fun outdoor activities, you can put down the screens more often and get back to playtime!

Traveling as a family is another great way to ditch the screens and get back to what matters: quality time. Take a look around at our content for ideas and inspiration for your next family vacation.

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