Indian Street Food

Wondering which Indian street foods you should try? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

India’s food has spread all over the world because of its incredible flavors. And with so many diverse regions, there’s a wide variety of food to choose from that will satisfy any palate. So let’s dive in and discuss the sweet, the spicy, and everything in between. 

Keep reading to learn about some popular Indian street food you need to try.  

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is an incredibly popular Bombay street food. The dish consists of vegetable curry with a buttery bread roll for dunking. It’s usually pretty spicy and definitely packs a bold flavor punch! 


Samosas are one of the most famous Indian dishes, for good reason.

They’re a fried or baked pastry, traditionally filled with spiced potatoes, peas, lentils, and onions. However, it can be filled with a multitude of different things, depending on the region. They usually come in a triangular shape, cone shape, or half-moon shape. 


Originating in Gujarat, this street food has all the textures and flavors you want in a dish. It consists of a grilled bun filled with spiced potatoes, onions, and pomegranate. It’s also served with flavorful chutneys that can be sweet, spicy, or tangy! 

And if you’re not in India, here’s a recipe to make at home.  

Pani Puri 

You can find Pani Puri on the busy streets of Mumbai, India.

It’s a hollow ball made from fried bread (yes, please), with a hole in the top. The filling is a kind of soup, which often contains potatoes, onions, or chickpeas. It may also have tamarind chutney, chaat masala, or chili for a filling.  

Aloo Tikki 

If you’re a potato lover, Aloo Tikki is for you because the name literally means “potato patty.”

You can find this dish in Northern or Western India and is made from potatoes, coriander, and tamarind. After all the ingredients are combined, they form into a patty that’s fried and served with chutney.  


This refreshing drink, sometimes called an “ancient smoothie,” can be found all over India. It’s made from yogurt, spices, water, and fruit, perfect for a hot Indian day. And if you’ve just eaten a spicy meal, it’s also a great way to cool down your mouth. 


If you’re in Delhi, you won’t need a street food finder for this one. Momos are a kind of steamed dumpling and are served on every street corner of Delhi. They can have a variety of different fillings, including paneer, vegetables, and mutton. 

Go Eat Some Delicious Indian Street Food 

The streets of India are awaiting your arrival! And whether you head straight for Pav Bhaji or grab some Momos, you really can’t go wrong. But if you aren’t in India, “Indian street food near me” should also do the trick until you can make the journey over for the real deal. 

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