Destination Wedding

These days, one out of every four weddings is a destination wedding — and there are many reasons they’re popular.

Traveling the world appeals to many people, and most make it a goal in their lives. Some couples get together and make it a goal after marriage.

Why does it have to wait? You can start traveling the moment you get married, and make your wedding super special.

Here are the best reasons to have a destination wedding. 

1. It’ll Make the Event Special

While traditional weddings are special too, if you plan an event somewhere that you don’t live, it will make the experience all the more memorable.

Not only are you getting married, but you’re experiencing somewhere entirely new together — or somewhere you love but don’t often get to visit.

Wherever it is, it might just be more special than home. 

2. The Cost Might End Up Cheaper

The wedding cost can be one of the most intimidating things about getting married, and some people believe destination weddings are more expensive because of the travel costs involved. This usually isn’t true!

Traditional weddings tend to be grander and have more guests, which means the cost usually totals up to be very high.

While travel costs are indeed something to consider with a destination wedding, it usually works out cheaper altogether. 

3. You Can Pick the Weather

It isn’t a guarantee, but when looking at vacation destinations for your wedding, you can pretty much pick the weather. For example, in Hawaii, there are months you can go when it’s unlikely to rain on you and should be warm and sunny instead.

With every place, there’s a risk, but if you live in a place with more volatile weather, it’s less of one!

4. Your Choice of Settings

Planning destination events also means your choice of settings.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on a beach, now’s your chance! Perhaps you want an intimate little event in the country.

A destination wedding means you aren’t bound by what you have around you at home. You can stop thinking about what’s convenient and start thinking about what you really want. 

5. Your Guests Will Love It

Having a destination wedding will give your guests something special too. While they’re there to celebrate your big day, a vacation will definitely be appreciated!

Pick a destination that will give everyone a place to relax and recuperate, and the time can be great for everyone. Although this day is all about you, you want to keep your guests happy too. 

Traveling the World Can Start Now

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world with your spouse, why wait until you’re married? Pick a destination you love, or a place you’ve never been but have always wanted to go, and start now.

It’ll provide the most memorable wedding you could have dreamed of, keep costs down, and give your guests a great experience too.

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