Cruise Ship Virus, Norovirus

Bacteria rears its ugly head wherever called to do so.

And of course, as COVID-19 has taught us, being on the water is no exception to the rule.

If you’re taking a cruise in the future, there are a few practices you may want to consider to avoid spreading or contracting the infamous cruise ship virus.

Your goal is to have a great time, so get out that notepad and start jotting.

1. Awareness Unlocks Prevention

The simple fact that you are informing yourself by reading this article is the first step in avoiding the Norovirus, Gastroenteritis, the common cold, and other viruses.

In 2021, it’s especially important to understand your cruise covid guidelines before planning your trip.

When you practice situational awareness, you offer yourself and the people you surround yourself with the education necessary to make informed decisions.

These decisions will ultimately unlock the level of prevention necessary to avoid the cruise ship virus at all possible costs.

2. Prevention is Key

Prevention is the piece of the puzzle that always gets lost. 

It ends up in the Scrabble box or under the couch when you need it most.

The point of prevention is to get ahead of any risks involved with your health and wellness. And we’ve learned over the last 18 months just how important that is.

Washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces and belongings, as well as wearing a mask are all ideal prevention practices.

3. Accountability

Regardless of how clean the cruise ship is, they have a set amount of staff responsible for hundreds of people.

When it comes down to it, you are solely responsible for making sure you utilize the right skills to keep yourself, and your loved ones, protected.

Take initiative and pack additional medications, disinfectants, and protective gear to ensure you enjoy your time on your trip.

Being proactive about the future is helpful for everyone, and will grant you time at the pool instead of in your cabin in the fetal position.

4. Listen to your Body

If you are not feeling well before a cruise, be mindful and listen to what you’re body is telling you.

Stay home, reschedule, and rest up until you are feeling better. “Powering through” puts yourself and everyone else at risk, especially if it’s too early to tell what kind of illness you may be experiencing.

If you become ill during the cruise, notify the staff and take all precautions necessary to avoid spreading. Order room service or have a family member bring your food to you. 

And of course, your safety is paramount. It costs far less to miss out on a big trip and reschedule than risking your own (or someone else’s) wellbeing.

5. Follow Up

If you found yourself with the cruise ship virus, make sure you inform staff and talk about timing, placement, and activities. 

This can help officials narrow down a potential cause of illness and will enable them to let folks know what they’ve been exposed to.

Of course, follow up with your wellness practitioner and discuss treatment.

Dodging the Cruise Ship Virus

You have everything you need to make informed decisions about your dream travel destination.

Use this information to your advantage to practice prevention and set yourself up for an incredible journey.

When we take care of ourselves, the world benefits, and we avoid things like the cruise ship virus. Practice these steps should you find yourself boarding a cruise in the near future.

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