Types of Wedding Venues

Deciding between the different types of wedding venues sets the tone for your wedding venue theme. This is why 57% of couples consider venue preferences before even getting engaged.

In this article, we discuss the types of wedding venues. We also discuss which venues offer the most versatility. Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding theme or a modern wedding theme, continue reading to find your perfect venue fit. 

Indoor Wedding Venue

Indoor wedding venues are the best wedding venues if you’re facing questionable weather but, that’s far from their only appeal. Some indoor venues require less in terms of decoration and have better lighting for pictures. 

These types of wedding venues include classic favorites such as places of worship, castles, and hotels. They can also include unique venues such as barns and museums.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

An outdoor wedding venue theme can be incredibly versatile. Whether you want a rustic wedding theme or a modern wedding theme, an outdoor venue can accommodate you. They can also offer great backdrops for photographs.

Some examples of outdoor wedding venues include parks, wineries, and beaches. With this kind of variety, you can achieve your perfect fairytale wedding (if that’s what you want).  

Home Wedding Venue

Home wedding venues are the best wedding venues for your budget. Not only do you not have to put down a deposit, but you don’t have to worry about any scheduling mishaps. 

They also offer the best in terms of planning since you can take measurements all day, any day. Plus, you don’t have to stress about setting up or tearing down your decorations the day of.

Legal Wedding Venue

For some couples, getting engaged doesn’t lead to dreams of a big, over-the-top wedding venue theme. In fact, their only concern may be to just get married.

For these reasons, as well as others, a legal wedding venue is a great choice. There’s no cause for concern over finding the best deal or location. You can just focus on the real reason for your special day, which is your partner. 

Destination Wedding Venue

A destination wedding is a fun, albeit stressful vacation and wedding all wrapped up into one event. These can be chaotic since there are so many factors to consider from a distance.

On the other hand, these venues can make your wedding a truly unforgettable experience. These types of wedding venues include resorts, beaches, and more. The sky is the limit when finding a destination to fit your wedding theme. 

Choosing Between the Types of Wedding Venues

Deciding between the types of wedding venues is a personal preference. Do you want something completely stress-free, but entirely legal or do you want an unforgettable vacation wedding? Whichever end of the spectrum you fall, your wedding venue sets the tone for your special day.

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