Renting a Private Yacht

Have you always wondered what it would be like to spend some time sailing around on a private yacht?

If so, you’re probably not ever going to be in a position to purchase a yacht of your own. The most basic yachts are going to run you $100,000 to start. And it’s not uncommon at all for people to spend millions of dollars on yachts.

With this in mind, buying a yacht will likely be out of the question for you. But renting a private yacht? That’s a different story!

It’s a lot easier to get your hands on a private yacht rental than you might realize. You should, however, make sure you take the right steps when chartering a yacht rental. It’ll help you take advantage of all the benefits of renting a private yacht from the beginning.

Here is a complete guide on how to rent a yacht.

Decide Where You Want to Rent a Yacht

Prior to renting a private yacht, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you’re going to rent it. Do you want to rent it somewhere close to your home or would you like to drive to a destination and rent a yacht there?

If you’re willing to make your way to a big city that’s on the water like Chicago, you shouldn’t have any issues finding yacht rental options. Chicago Private Yacht Rentals can hook you up with any number of amazing yachts.

Deciding where you want to rent a yacht should be at the top of your to-do list. It’ll give you a better idea as to which yacht rental companies you can consider.

Calculate How Big You’ll Need a Yacht to Be

Once you know where you’re going to be renting a private yacht, the next order of business will be figuring out how big you need a yacht to be.

There are some yachts that are about 30 feet long. There are others that are over 100 feet long.

You should get a definitive headcount for your yachting adventure so that you can try to find yacht rentals that will fit everyone who will be coming on board. You should also give consideration to how much room you and your fellow renters will need to stretch out.

Look at the Features Found on Different Yacht Rentals

Each individual yacht is obviously going to have its own features. It’s rare to see two yachts that look exactly the same from top to bottom.

As a result, you might want to make a list of features that you want to have access to when renting a private yacht. It’ll help you to decide which features are the most important to you.

From there, a yacht rental company should be able to find a yacht that has everything—or at least almost everything—that you’re looking for on it. You’ll have a much better time on a yacht rental when it has the right accommodations.

Stick to a Budget When Renting a Private Yacht

The price tags that are put on yacht rentals will vary quite a bit. You can rent some yachts for under $1,000 per day and others for tens of thousands of dollars per week.

Before you start trying to rent a yacht, you should come up with a budget and vow to stick to it. You should decide how much you can afford to spend on a yacht and talk to others who will be pitching in to pay for a private yacht rental as well.

By doing this, you should be able to locate a yacht that you can rent without spending a small fortune.

Map Out a Course for Sailing Around in a Yacht

Right before you’re done renting a private yacht, you should sit down and decide where you would like to sail on it. Do you want to:

  • Sail to a specific destination, stay there for a little while, and then sail back to your original location?
  • Sail around an island?
  • Sail aimlessly for a few hours?

Whatever the case, you don’t want to get left renting a private yacht and then wondering, “OK, now what?” You should be ready to provide the captain of a yacht charter with a plan so that they can map it out.

Prepare to Have a Fantastic Time on a Yacht

Although renting a private yacht isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg in most cases, you won’t want to waste a single second on it. You’ll be paying a pretty penny for it, so it’ll be important that you make the most of your time on a private yacht rental.

You can lay out in the sun and relax while you’re on a yacht. You can also kick off your shoes and enjoy a delicious meal on a yacht. You can even fish off some yachts or get in the water and splash around.

What’s important is that you show up to rent a yacht well-rested and ready to roll. You’ll have the time of your life as long as you’re hanging out aboard the right yacht.

Go Rent a Yacht and See How Much Fun It Can Be

Many people don’t realize that renting a private yacht will fit into their budget. So they don’t even bother looking into doing it at any point in their lives.

Now that you know how simple it can be to rent a private yacht, you should give it a try to experience sailing on a yacht for yourself. You’ll wonder why in the world you didn’t decide to do it so much sooner once you’re all done.

Renting a private yacht is one way to relax. Want to learn about some other ways to do it? Read the other articles posted on our blog to get more great tips.

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