Golden Hour In Las Vegas

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a million little details. Most couples focus on the decor or having the menu of their dreams. There are often factors that couples don’t think about until they’re in the midst of planning.

One, for example, is what time the ceremony will start. Your venue and the vibe you want for your wedding can all be factors in choosing your start time. But across the board, there is one time that couples love to get married at.

Sunset weddings are a popular and stunning choice for a ceremony, especially in a city like Las Vegas. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to have your nuptials while the sun dips below the horizon.

Golden Hour Photos

Professional photographers swear by golden hour. If there’s one vendor pushing for a sunset wedding, it’s your photographer. And that’s because the quality of the photos taken at that time is stunning.

At sunset, the natural lighting is perfect for capturing your ceremony in vivid, dreamy colors. You also get the benefit of the sky changing colors as a backdrop in your photos.

Perfect Outdoor Temperature

At sunset, you get the perfect temperature to have an outdoor wedding. You and your guests won’t be sweating under the midday sun. You all also won’t feel the chill that often comes after dark.

The ceremony will still get the warmth from the sun but much milder temperatures. This is especially true for a Las Vegas wedding where desert heat during the day can be uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Romantic Atmosphere

Sunset has always had romantic connotations. Why not use that association in your guests’ minds to your advantage? If you’re looking for a romantic place to get married, allow the sun to add some ambiance.

The golden sunlight at this time can also highlight the other details and decor of your wedding. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your venue has a good view of the horizon and lots of natural light to maximize the atmosphere.

Cocktail Hour and Reception Soon Follow

Planning a sunset wedding is all about timing. You’ll want to check and double-check the time of sunset and make sure all your other wedding events stay on schedule.

But one of the big benefits to having a sunset wedding is having the cocktail hour and reception follow right after. This gives your wedding more flow and keeps guests entertained from the start of the ceremony to the last song.

There’s Nothing More Stunning Than Sunset Weddings

You may get wrapped up in bigger details like the menu, the attire, and the decor. A wedding’s start time—though it may seem like a quick decision—is actually an essential detail.

Sunset weddings are a popular option for the stunning aesthetics and ease of schedule. And in a city as exciting as Las Vegas, they’re even more exciting. It’s no wonder that couples continue to choose this time of day to be married.

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