Planning a Wedding Abroad

Planning wedding locations, checking legalities, and much more are all part of a destination wedding. Therefore, don’t let yourself get too caught up in daydreams of saying your vows on a beach. Instead, make sure that you’re checking and planning every necessary detail. 

To start on this journey, read on. This article will list and detail 5 things you may not think about. 

1. Check the Weather 

It’s not possible to predict the weather completely. However, you can avoid an unexpected winter wedding through research. Check the weather for each season at your holiday destination. 

Only after this should you start considering dates. You’ll probably want to pick a date during a time of ideal weather. This may be more expensive, but it can be worth the beautiful scenery. 

2. Check Legality 

Before you hire the wedding planner, event caterers, and such, check your wedding’s legality. The marriage laws of certain countries may render your ideal marriage illegitimate. 

You may feel heartbroken to find out that these have wrecked your wedding travel plans. However, you’ll feel very frustrated to find this out after months of travelling. 

Also, there are ways around these issues. Consider signing the marriage contract at home. Then you can still have a beautiful ceremony overseas.

3. Check Local Events 

Be sure to research local holidays or festivals as well. You don’t want your lovely beach wedding to get interrupted by noisy partiers. Finding flights, hotel rooms, and so on may also be difficult during these times. 

On the other hand, you may want to have a honeymoon during a fun, festive time. In this case, you can plan to have your wedding a few days before a festival. Then you can enjoy the celebrations together. 

4. Check and Compare Prices

You may struggle to choose between a few similar places. If so, try adding together the prices of all your potential expenses. These can include flights, hotel rooms, and so on.

Then, you can compare the full prices of each wedding. One is likely to be cheaper than all the others. You can then decide how much you want to pay overall.

Going all out with your wedding is fine. However, consider where else the money you save can go. It may help you later in buying a house or starting a family. 

5. Check Your Passports 

In the middle of so many details, it’s easy to forget the small ones. However, some of these things could render all your plans impossible.

For example, your passport is probably the only way you’re getting out of the country. You’ll want to make sure that it hasn’t expired. If it has, don’t forget to renew it before you’re ready to leave. 

Planning Wedding Destinations Is Just One Thing to Learn 

As you’re going through all this planning, you may get very stressed. When you do, remember to take a breath and think about the outcome. All the careful work will be worth the perfect wedding.

Did you learn some great planning wedding tips? If so, consider perusing through our other articles. You can learn a lot more from our many other high-quality pieces. 


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