Types of Snowmobiles

Are you ready to drive up a mountain at top speeds? Do you want to explore snowy landscapes? If you haven’t thought about buying a snowmobile, now is a perfect time. 

On average, 59,000 snowmobiles are sold a year. Read more to learn about the different types of snowmobiles. 


The first snowmobile was created in 1935. Since then, they have evolved and changed to what we know today. 

A snowmobile is comprised of a track that is on the back and an engine to help it glide over the snow. Skis are in front of the snowmobile much like normal skis you’d use if you went skiing. 

The track in the back helps the vehicle to have traction, and it digs into the snow to go. You simply steer the snowmobile like you would a bicycle or motorcycle. 

There are seven different types of snowmobiles for your riding pleasure.

Trail Snowmobile

If you’re considering going snowmobiling, you should know the best snowmobile on the market. The trail snowmobile is listed as the number one snowmobile for beginners.

This snowmobile is lighter, and the frame is smaller. It makes it a great rider to move quickly and efficiently through the snow. 

This is a great option for those looking to ride for pleasure and not for aggressive riders who need to get up steep mountains or accelerate quickly. 

Sport Trail Snowmobile

If you’re more advanced than the beginner snowmobile, take this one for a ride. This is a great option if you’re looking for a bouncy suspension that can handle rough terrain. 

You won’t have a large fast engine like some other models, but it is still a great option for new riders. You’ll be able to try out your snowmobile toboggan with friends on this sled. 

Performance Snowmobile

Are you looking to go fast, drive aggressively, and take on bumps? Then, this snowmobile is the one for you. This snowmobile is larger in the frame than other types of snowmobiles, but that’s because of its abilities. 

The sled will move effortlessly with you as you go up and down the terrain. The horsepower will keep up with your all-day riding needs. 

Mountain Snowmobile

This is designed specifically for mountain tops where the snow is slightly different. The snow tends to be thick and difficult for some snowmobiles to navigate. 

The track on the snowmobile is shorter and more narrow. This is to help keep traction on the snow and to fit through tighter spaces. 

Crossover Snowmobile

This is great for any rider that isn’t sure what kind of snow they’ll always be riding in. This long track can handle anything from light powder snow to heavier snow. 

The suspension on this snowmobile is tough to handle ever-changing conditions for the rider. 

Types of Snowmobiles

Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, the types of snowmobiles keep you informed when making your next purchase. So have fun this winter season while knowing you bought the right snowmobile for your needs.

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