Washington State Travel Tips

Quick, think about America’s best states! California, New York, and Texas may come to mind. 

But Washington State should be on your list as well. More than 40,000 people fly through Seattle every day. This makes Washington one of the most popular states for tourism.

That may surprise you. Yet once you learn about Washington State travel, you’ll want to book your tickets, too. 

What is the weather like in Washington? Where should you go in Seattle? Is there anything cool to see in the rest of the state? 

Answer these questions and you can have a great time in the Evergreen State. Here are some travel tips you should know. 

Get Ready for the Weather

Washington State is more diverse than it seems on a map. Western Washington contains several big bodies of water, which produce humidity and moderate temperatures.

Eastern Washington has high deserts, pine forests, and mountains. These features create rain shadows, allowing for very sunny weather with hot temperatures. 

If you drive across the state, you can experience very significant weather fluctuations. You should pack for all conditions and read the weather forecast for the month before you go.

Follow Some Driving Tips

Driving in Washington State can be a little difficult. The majority of the state is rural, so you may be driving down backroads for hours on end. Traffic in Seattle can be thick, especially on the highways. 

You should familiarize yourself with Washington traffic laws before you start traveling in Washington State. You cannot use a wireless device while you are driving, and you must yield to emergency vehicles with their lights on. You can go on scenic drives, but you should plan your route out so you don’t run into traffic jams.

Spend a Few Days in Seattle

Seattle is Washington’s major city, and it is a hub of culture and history. You can attend shows and theatrical performances at several different theaters, including Benaroya Hall. 

If you like art, you can visit the Seattle Art Museum and the Henry Art Museum. You can also check out Asian art at the Seattle Asian Art Museum and contemporary art at the Frye Art Museum.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Washington State has a lot to offer outside of Seattle. You can visit dozens of state parks throughout the state. You can go on hikes, camping trips, and swims through rivers and lakes. 

Mount Rainier National Park includes an active volcano and beautiful forests. If you’re new to hiking and aren’t comfortable going by yourself, you can go on tours led by park rangers.

Understand the Best Washington State Travel Tips

Before you book your flight to Seattle, you should understand some Washington State travel tips. Each region of Washington has its own weather patterns, so you need to pack a lot of different clothes.

Be prepared to drive a lot, including in rush hour traffic. Yet get ready to see a lot of different things, especially in Seattle. When you leave the city, try to visit some natural wonders like Mount Rainier. 

Once you’ve visited Washington State, you can tour the rest of the country. Read more American travel guides by following our coverage.

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