Tropical Vacation Spots


Are you dreaming of languid days swinging in a hammock under a palm tree, admiring the jewel-like quality of tropical waters? Exotic tropical vacation spots offer the best of both worlds — adventure and excitement, and rest and relaxation. 

To find the best destination that offers all of this in abundance, we’ve put together a list of the top tropical areas for your next getaway. Keep reading for inspiration!

The Bahamas 

The Bahamas springs to mind the minute anyone mentions a tropical vacation spot. These islands are a Caribbean paradise that is packed with fun activities and relaxation opportunities. 

You can swim with pigs and go snorkeling in Nassau, or enjoy a peaceful day of tranquility on the quiet beaches of Rose Island. There is something for everyone in the Bahamas — whether you’re an adventure junkie or prefer a relaxing getaway. 


Looking for the Caribbean experience without the heavy price tag of the Bahamas? Jamaica is sure to be a vacation to remember. With gorgeous beaches and lush jungles, there is no shortage of breathtaking experiences waiting to be had. 

A little rougher around the edges than the Bahamas, Jamaica is a perfect vacation spot for those who like to dive into the local culture and cuisine. 

The Maldives 

Scenery, views, and more scenery — that’s the Maldives for you. It’s the reason that this country has served as a movie set for a ton of famous movies. It’s also a tropical destination that is packed with bucket list experiences. 

Imagine waking up in your overwater bungalow, snorkeling with tropical fish, and enjoying a colorful cocktail while watching a spectacular sunset. That’s the Maldives for you. 


For a long time, Hawaii has been a popular tropical destination for fun in the sun — and for good reason, too. It’s a top vacation destination for Americans who are looking for a tropical getaway on home soil. 

From exciting jungle hikes to bathing in waterfalls and endless watersports options, Hawaii has got it all. It’s great for a romantic offshore excursion, family getaways, or fun trips with friends. 


Why not head a little further east onto the tropical beaches of Thailand? This is a top vacation destination because of the affordable prices and mouthwatering local food. You can enjoy luxurious spa treatments and stay in elegant beach resorts without breaking the bank. 

Head to Southern Thailand, to the island of Phuket to enjoy crystal clear waters and fresh coconut on the beach. The best part? You get to dive into a fascinating culture on your vacation.  

Which of These Tropical Vacation Spots Will You Visit?

You really can’t go wrong with any of these amazing tropical vacation spots. Whichever you choose you’ll soon be snorkeling with colorful marine life, catching a tan on white beaches, and enjoying all sorts of watersports. 

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