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Paris is probably the undisputed culinary capital of the entire world.

That means that when talking about the best food in Paris, your basically talking about the best food the entire world has to offer.

As awesome as French food is, these days the culinary scene is not just limited to bistros and haute cuisine. There’s exciting food from all over the planet just waiting to tempt.

It was tough, but we’ve whittled it down to eight of the best. Read on for our guide to the best food in Paris.

French Foods You’ve Got to Try

Let’s start with some quintessential French classics and where to find them in the City of Light.

1. Soupe a l’Oignon (French Onion Soup)

This rich indulgence, bubbling forth with cheesy goodness has to be sampled by every self-respecting foodie in Paris.

Made in the traditional way, with chefs laboriously caramelizing onions on a low heat, giving it a rich, unctuous quality that pairs perfectly with a baguette on a cold day.

Head on down to restaurant ‘Les Philosophes’ on rue Vieille du Temple to try out Soupe a l’Oignon at its very best.

2. Confit de Canard (Duck Confit)

OK, let’s get real. The word ‘rich’ is going to feature a lot in any rundown of the best food in Paris.

If you’re OK with that then get yourself down to “Chez Dumonet” on rue du Cherche Midi (6th) for come Confit de Canard. Translated, this means duck legs preserved in duck fat.

Preserved food may not sound the most appealing but any preconceived ideas you had will melt away.

You are about to tuck into the most tender, flavorful piece of meat you’re every likely to try. Don’t forget the perfectly crisp skin on top.

Pair it with a glass of vin rouge and a side of potatoes roasted in duck fat and you’re having the full-on Parisian experience!

3. Streetside Crepes

The great thing about famous food in Paris is that it doesn’t just appear in fancy restaurants and bistros.

You can and should pick up awesome food from street vendors as well. A must try is a paper-thin French crepe.

Banish any ideas of American style pancakes from your mind and watch an artist create a masterpiece on a flat top. You can indulge in fillings as diverse as Nutella and ham and cheese.

There are many creperies around the city that will give you an awesome experience.

For us though, there’s nothing like the romance picking one up from a street vendor and of enjoying it while walking along the Seine or strolling down the Champs Elysees.

4. Escargot (Snails)

No rundown of traditional food in Paris would be complete without mentioning the humble snail.

Elevated to haute-cuisine by the French, this may be your only – and certainly your very best – chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Once you get over the fact that you’re, well, eating a snail, they’re actually surprisingly tasty. Think oyster, with a bit more chew. They are usually drenched in garlic butter and are a yummy vehicle for it.

Widely available in bistros across the city, make sure you take the opportunity to try this quintessentially Parisian delicacy.

If you prefer your snails in baked form, escargot is also the name for a delicious pinwheel pastry that comes in many varieties. It’s most commonly made with raisins and pastry cream.

Now that’s an escargot nobody’s gonna be turning down!

5. Patisserie

One of France’s greatest gifts to the world is its baked goods.

Although all of France is chock-full of boulangerie and patisserie, brimming with every sort of sweet and savory delight, Paris takes it to the next level.

Patisserie in Paris is not just a tradition, it’s an art form. This is nowhere better experienced than at La Patisserie des Reves on rue de Longchamp.

Not only is the interior exquisite, but so are the pastries. To describe them as such hardly does them justice. Make sure you try their signature Paris-Brest.

This classic patisserie is a kind of bagel of choux pastry, filled with a decadent praline cream with a liquid center. One bite and you’ll know why the name translates as ‘bakery of dreams!’.

International Food to Try in Paris

With colonial links stretching back hundreds of years with Asia, Africa, and North America, international cuisine has been popular in Paris for a long time.

Here are some of the best international dishes to sample on your foodie adventure.

6. Pho

Vietnam’s most famous export is rather expertly done in several Parisian hotspots thanks to their historic connections.

This spicy broth with noodles, thinly sliced meat and multiple little pots of condiments is a must try when visiting Paris.

Check out Avenue de Choisy for authentic Viet food done right.

7. Tagine

The Moroccan community in Paris has bestowed upon it an exquisite gift – tagine.

Tagines are succulent stews – vegetarian and meat – cooked in traditional conical earthenware pots. Served with couscous and accompanied with mint tea, they are the perfect way to experience North Africa while in Paris.

Try out Le Souk on rue Keller. This charming spot will transport you to another world with its decor, ambiance and, of course, killer cuisine.

8. Yassa

A staple of West African cuisine, yassa is a piquant dish of chicken or fish with onions and lemon.

Yassa and other African treats are available at Le Palanka, on rue des Lombards.

This restaurant celebrates the cuisine of African with a mouthwatering variety of dishes that will bolster your foodie credentials and give you lots to talk about on your return.

The Bottom Line: Best Food in Paris for Foodies

Paris is a foodie nirvana. In our opinion, these are the absolute must-try foods for every self-respecting gastronome in Paris.

Be prepared to have your taste buds thoroughly tantalized by the rich goodness of all things Parisian.

With awesome options for carnivore and herbivore, sweet tooth and savory lover, you too will agree – this really is the best food in Paris.

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